Our Escape Rooms (with many more to come). Take a look, then hop on over to our booking calendar to schedule your escape. Unlike some Escape Rooms, our puzzles and games are completely created in house and are unique to Element of Escape. We take great pride in that!

Hotel California

The hotel closed for unknown reasons in the 1930s and someone just purchased the untouched hotel. Your great grandfather was reporting on the hotel disappearances when he went missing himself many years ago. You are intrigued so you head in to investigate yourself. When you arrive they let you inside but they are set to knock the hotel down in one hour. Can you gather the evidence left behind by your grandfather and escape before the demolition is slated to begin?


The Heist

The Venetia Diamond is one of the rarest and most valuable gems in the world. It is going up on display in your city’s museum. Through a source you have heard that the museum curator has plans of his own for the diamond.  You and your team of thieves can’t bear to stand someone else cashing in on a diamond as precious as this. Can you and your covert team of thieves escape with the Venetia Diamond before the curator can put his own plan into action?



Ahoy Matey! You have entered the Shipwreck! You were out on a rental boat with a group of friends when your boat crashed and you lost power. The back up power will only last for one hour and you need to find your location and send a message to the coast guard before the power is out for good. Will you be marooned forever or will you get rescued in the nick of time?

Santa’s Workshop

I’ve got to let you in on a little secret. We are so glad you are here to help! Jack Frost came into Santa’s Workshop and messed up everything. We elves have been working tirelessly to solve his riddles and get every kid the toy they want but we are stumped! We have one hour until Santa checks in on us and we need to save Christmas! I know you can do it, good luck!

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